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Spag’s Bar & Grill and Spagnuolo’s Restaurant are locally owned and operated by the Spagnuolo family.

The dream of owning an Italian restaurant began with parents, Vince and Silvana Spagnuolo as they established roots in Michigan from Italy in 1961.  It wasn’t until after they raised their family together did they decide to take the leap of faith and open their first establishment, Spagnuolo’s Restaurant, in 1991. Spagnuolo’s began as small pool hall serving pizzas to hungry patrons at dinnertime. After perfecting their family-secret Italian recipes the family transformed the original pool hall concept into a full-service Italian restaurant in 1992. The restaurant became such a local favorite that the original building had to be expanded twice upon to accommodate growing demand. Spagnuolo’s Restaurant is known for most its cozy dining atmosphere, crave-able pizzas, and made-fresh-daily spaghetti sauce, meatballs and focaccia bread.

Nearly ten years later, in 1998, the Spagnuolo’s opened their second establishment, Spag’s Bar & Grill. Located in Williamson, Michigan, Spag’s Bar & Grill is family-friendly sports bar offering a wide array of the Spagnuolo family’s award-winning pizzas, burgers, calzones, and so much more. Spag’s has a full-service bar featuring tons of Michigan local beers.

The Spanuolo family takes pride in playing an active role in their communities and they extend their sincerest gratitude to loyal patrons who have allowed them to share their dream of bringing home style Italian cuisine to mid-Michigan for more than 25 years.

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