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Deposit/Room Charge

The event date and space will be held for Patron, upon receipt of both the signed event contract and deposit/room fee. Until such time, Spag’s Bar & Bar  (“Restaurant”) unfortunately cannot guarantee the date of the event. The deposit is due at the time of booking and will be applied to Patron’s final bill.

  • Room charge required at time of booking
    • Sunday-Thursday $100
    • Friday/Saturday $250
  • 50% room charge refund
    • Sunday-Thursday if final bill exceeds $400
    • Friday/Saturday if final bill exceeds $600

Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

All food and beverage items must be supplied and prepared by the Restaurant and may not be removed from the premises, even if there is food left over from the scheduled event in accordance with the Ingham County Health Department regulations.
Outside food is prohibited in the Restaurant, with the sole exception to this of specialty cakes or desserts. Specialty desserts may be provided with prior approval. The Restaurant will not be responsible for set up and maintenance of specialty cakes.

There is no additional charge for children under the age of 3. Children 12 and younger dine at half price.

Alcoholic Beverages

In the event that Patron chooses to  purchase beer kegs/bottles of wine through Restaurant for the scheduled event, an employee of the the Restaurant will oversee the distribution of said alcoholic beverages. Neither Patron nor Patron’s guests may bring alcoholic beverages, of any kind, onto the Restaurant’s premises from outside sources.

The sale, service and commission of alcoholic beverages are regulated by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Patron acknowledges that the service of alcohol is subject to the Restaurant’s rules and regulations, and that the Restaurant, may at any time in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the service of alcohol to any individual or to a function. In the unfortunate event alcohol service is suspended or terminated for any reason, the Restaurant will not be liable for any actual, consequential, incidental, special or other damages of any kind whatsoever.

Linen Service

Per the Patron’s request prior to the scheduled event date, the Restaurant can dress the tables with tablecloths, and skirting linens. A $3.50 per table linen fee will be charged for tablecloths. Linen napkins are also available upon request for $0.59 each.

Audio-Visual Equipment

The Restaurant provides a portable PA system, an iPod docking station, wireless microphone, and a 52-inch LCD cable TV, in addition to a laptop with DVD inputs for presentations. Arrangements are to be made with the Restaurant prior to date of function for any equipment required, or for any equipment that the Patron will provide.


Photographers, bands, musicians, etc. booking will be the sole responsibility of the Patron. Entertainment must finish by 12:45 AM and the facility must be empty by 1:00 AM, or additional room fees may apply.


Decorative items may not be attached to any wall, floor, window or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or any other substance in order to prevent damage to the fixtures and furnishings.


Room must be left in the same condition as it was before scheduled event began.  Any damage done to the premises  is the sole responsibility of the Patron; damage will be assessed and added to total bill.


Written cancellation notice received by management is required 60 days prior to scheduled event in order to receive a full refund of deposit/room charge.  Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the schedule event date will result in a non-refundable deposit/room charge.

Service Charge and Sales Tax

An 20% fee will be added (15% gratuity and 5% room set up fee), plus 6% Michigan sales tax will be added to the total bill.

Location & Capacity

The banquet facility is located in a private room adjoining Spag’s Bar & Grill. Room capacity = 100 guests.

Payment & Final Headcount

The entire balance is due payable in cash, or by major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and/or American Express) at the close of the scheduled event. The total due will include the balance remaining of the food/beverage/linen cost, an 20% gratuity service charge and a 6% Michigan sales tax.Payment is based on the final headcount given 7 days prior to scheduled event. Patron will be charged based on original headcount, even if fewer guests attend. For headcount exceeding estimate provided 7 days prior to scheduled event, partron will be charged on a per/additional guest basis.
Special Requests
Restaurant Management is happy to discuss pricing for menu items and services that don’t currently appear on the banquet menu.